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We're more than just a digital vault. We're the key to revolutionizing your organization's approach to asset management, wealth transfer, and business continuity.

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As financial advisors, attorneys, or insurance firms, you understand the significance of secure, organized, and accessible information. Prismm is designed to elevate your service offering, seamlessly integrating with your operations to provide a centralized hub for your clients' essential documents and assets.

Business Continuity Simplified

With Prismm, safeguard your clients' confidential information away from regular content storage. Our digital vault is designed for businesses that prioritize security without compromising efficiency. Perfect for business continuity, Prismm ensures that important data remains accessible and secure, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Your Clients, Your Control

What truly sets us apart? Prismm is subscriber-owned. This means your clients can take their accounts with them to different providers if they wish. And as a service provider, you get to keep your book of business if you transition to another company. This win-win approach allows flexibility for your clients and ensures continuity for your business.

Clients own their data

At Prismm, we understand that your clients are your greatest asset. That's why we've created a digital vault that values user ownership and ease of access. With Prismm, you're not just offering a service – you're offering peace of mind, ensuring your clients' information is secure, organized, and always within reach.

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